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PROGRAMME • Festival of the Other Worlds, Around Zehra Doğan

September 21st to October 21st 2018 – Pays de Morlaix

Who is Zehra Doğan ?

Zehra Doğan, journalist and founder of the feminist agency JINHA, accused of being a member of an illegal organisation (like more than 150 imprisoned journalists), was arrested and imprisoned on the 21st of July 2016 for her articles and drawings, and released on the 9th of December 2016. She appeared freely for trial on the 23rd of February 2017. After 4 and a half months of incarceration, she lived a short stay until the new sentence, and her incarceration, happened on Monday, June the 12th, 2017 for 2 years and 9 months in prison. She is currently detained in High Security Prison for Women of Amed. The Chinese dissident painter Ai Weiwei supported her through a letter. PEN Club International and Amnesty International made Zehra one of the political prisoners to be defended in 2018. Street art artist Banksy has just created a huge fresco in homage to Zehra in New York. Support is growing…

Zehra Dogan

If we offer you this exhibition it is above all to share with you her new works which have just arrived to us from the prison where she is locked up. It is also to gather the personalities and documents that will allow us to better understand what is happening in this remote region, « exotic » in our eyes, which is the Middle East.

We offer, through the exhibition of a major artist, a time to share around art, journalism, democracy, and the issue of women.

We also offer for you to join this essential act of solidarity with those who fight, for us among others, against barbarity.

Website (English, Turkish, French)
On Special Zehra Doğan (English, French, Spanish,Turkish, Kurdish)


This project follows two simultaneous exhibitions, which took place in January 2018, in Traon Nevez (Plouézoc’h) welcoming 750 people over 15 days, and in Angers which received 2000 visitors.

It is the initiative of La Minoterie-A Pleine Voix, association based in the Pays de Morlaix, whose purpose is the organization of transdisciplinary cultural events, and of the association « Les amis du Kedistan », which produces Kedistan, a web magazine on Middle East issues.

The goal of this exhibition as well as the meetings that will accompany it is :

  • to make a voice heard, that of Zehra Doğan, a young 28-year-old Kurdish artist, and to transmit its full scope,
  • to make discover a pictorial work of a very great force, realized in the urgency and with reduced means.
  • to take stock of the situation of minorities in a rapidly changing Turkey, in particular the Kurdish community and, within it, the status of women.

Zehra was condemned by the Turkish state, both for her work as a journalist, and for an artistic work which was broadcast on social networks. Today, she is imprisoned, materially deprived of the means to exercise her art, but she still has her voice, which she never ceases to reinforce.

The exhibition will bring together framed works, on paper and canvas, to show a reality lived beyond words, while revealing an artist, who with very little, touches the deepest.

The correspondence that we maintain with her is of exceptional depth, and must be made available to be read or presented in significant extracts, illuminating her personality and all her achievements.

These 4 weeks and 5 weekends of exhibition will be the opportunity to make this strong and singular voice of woman heard, coming from a Turkish jail. Opportunity to donate to around 70 works, some made in hiding in 2017 and others recently released from prison.

Events around the exhibition will bring together witnesses, experts and artists around Turkish and Kurdish current events.


Le Roudour, Pôle Culturel – La Salamandre – Le Café Théodore – Le Dibar – Traon Nevez – Ehpad Lanmeur – Restaurant Le Jardin Partagé…


Team running the Cooperation Network

Project coordination and direction :

Laurent Baudry
La Minoterie / A Pleine Voix

Lougar, Journalist
Webmagazine Kedistan / Association les amis du Kedistan

Supervision of the exhibition’s set-up :
Philippe Leduc, scenographer and graphic designer
Atelier Lucie Lom


It presents the works of Zehra Doğan that were transported from Turkey to France last spring and some more recent ones. It will also be set with an evocative scenography.

• Works on paper and canvas, framed
The number of works will be defined, according to the dimensions and layout of the space dedicated to the exhibition.
• The manuscripts of the two issues of the newspaper Özgür Gündem. Made clandestinely in prison in 2016 on kraft paper. Illustrated with drawings by Zehra.

Video screenings:
Presentation of short videos. See playlist here (with English, French subtitles)

Photo exhibitions: Echoing Zehra Doğan’s work, three other photo exhibitions will be offered by photojournalists Chris T. and Yann Renoult, as well as Refik Tekin, a Kurdish photojournalist now in exile, friend and travelling companion of Zehra Doğan, notably during his report on the massacre of Yezidi women, which earned him the Metin Göktepe Journalism Prize in 2015. They will also be present in the round table on journalism.

How to support?

While waiting for local, departmental and regional institutional financial aid, whose instances have been called upon through the intermediary of cultural leaders, we need the help of everyone while waiting for the answers, to face the first investments.

This call for 5000 € is crucial. The result is the success of this event non-profit whose final programme will surprise you by its scale, if you contribute to it!

For more information and to contribute please follow this link : Hello Asso Crowdfounding



Zehra Original works of Zehra Doğan. Le Roudour, from 21 September to 21 October.
Exhibition of Zehra Doğan reprographies. Restaurant Le Jardin Partagé, (Brest) from 26 September to 20 October. Inauguration on September 26th, 6 PM. Apéritif.
Photographs by Chris T. EHPAD Lanmeur, October 5-20. Inauguration on October 5th at 3.30 PM
Photographs by Yann Renoult. MJC Morlaix, from October 2 to 20. Inauguration on October 2nd. At 6 PM Screening of the film « Rojava, an utopia in the heart of Syrian chaos », documentary on Rojava, in the presence of Mireille Court and Chris Den Hond, co-directors.

Sales for the benefit of the project:

Books, postcards, prints of selected works, possible reproductions of the manuscript journal n°1 – with translation of the contents, etc…

Auction sale of reproductions of Zehra’s works and works by artists for Zehra. Saturday 20 October 2018, 2 PM- 5 PM

September 21st 2018

• Presentation of the initiative by the organisers, Le Roudour, La Salamandre and all the other partners (institutional, associations etc…).
• Meeting and friendly discovery around Kurdish cuisine.
Spectacle: Élie Guillou  Carnet du Kurdistan. A reading of travel notebooks accompanied by Kurdish, Armenian, Turkish songs…
Readings of texts by Zehra Doğan and other authors by actresses.

Live broadcast of the inauguration by Medya Haber TV and Jin TV

Around the exhibition…


Guided and commented, interactive tours of Zehra ‘s works, by Naz Oke. These visits will coincide with the dates of the round tables.

School visits. Afternoons dedicated to schools and colleges in the region. Guided tours, meetings with authors, snacks… Partnerships are already underway with the Lycée Tristan Corbière and the Lycée agricole de Suscinio.



12 to 14 of October – Le Roudour / Médiathèque 2 PM – 9 PM
Inauguration on October 12th 5 PM.

In partnership with la Librairie Dialogues, Morlaix.

Encounters with authors and publishers around their works.
In partnership with publishing houses specialized on the Middle East.


Saturday 22th September 2018
Reading workshop, at the Le Roudour – Mediatheque, hosted by Laëtitia Degouys.


• « Women’s voices for Zehra Doğan »
Saturday 29th September 2018, 8 PM -24 PM – Le Dibar Plougonver,
Songs with « wings », towards Amed’s jail…
Nolwen KorbellÉléonore FourniauColine Linder and artistic performance by Eva Linder, painter.
Entry €5

• « Music in solidarity »
13th October 2018 – 9.30 PM – Le Roudour
An evening in support with exceptional music…
Gülay Hacer TorukTiti Robin,  Erik MarchandSylvain BarouNeşet Kutaş
Entry €20, members €17, -12 €6
Le Roudour : Information |  Ticket office

• « Musical Epilogue »
21st October 2018 – 8 PM – Le Roudour
One last concert to close this festival in solidarity with Zehra Doğan and all political prisoners in Turkey!
Groupe Yıldız, Songs in Kurdish, Turkish, Armenian…
Entry €7


Partnership : La Salamandre, Festival de Cinéma de Douarnenez, Rhizomes / Bretagne et Diversité, MCJ Morlaix, Le Café Théodore

• Retrospective « Mylène Sauloy »
Café Théodore, Friday, September 28, 7 to 10 pm.

• Movie screening
MJC Morlaix – 2 October – 7 PM

• Movie night at la Salamandre – 6 October

Animated by Caroline Troin et Nina ChastelRhizômes / Bretagne et diversité.

  • Premiere: Documentary on Zehra Doğan, directed by Refik Tekin, for the Other Worlds Festival, with unpublished images and interviews. In presence of the director.
  • Les filles de feu in presence of Stéphane Breton
  • Dinner break
  • Zer  of Kazım Öz

• Movie screening
Le Roudour – October 14, 2018 – 5 PM

  • Kavil, animated film, September 2018, short film, of director Özcan Alper.

• Movie screening
Plourin Town Hall, Round Room – 15 October – 6 PM

  • Roza, the land of the two rivers Documentary on the revolution in Rojava.
  • Jin û Jin, fiction, short film
  • Denk fiction, short film
    Of director, Kutbettin Cebe.

• Movie screening
Le Roudour – 19 October 2018 – 20 PM

  • Une autre montagne, documentary on three Kurdish women, in presence of the filmmakers Anouck Mangeat and Noémie Aubry.


• Turkey: In search of the roots of the present
Saturday 22th September 2018 • 2 PM – 4 PM

Was Turkey really a beautiful democracy that Tayyip Erdoğan would have messed up? Turkishness, nationalism, nation-state. To bring an understanding of the roots of the Turkish crisis, the nuisances it generates in the Middle East, and the European upheavals it causes. Zehra Doğan has a Kurdish family history which demonstrates at the same time that the regimes have succeeded each other as well as the ethnic cleansing attempts in Turkey against the Kurds and minorities.
« Turkey’s history in the 20th century is a long chain of political violence (genocide, massacres, pogroms, mass expulsions) carried out independently of governments and ruling parties. The violence, the war against the Kurds, the extreme nationalism, and the denial of the Armenian genocide are the unity and coherence of the country’s history. I will try to explain how the genocide of 1915 and its negation are at the source of this permanent violence, constantly masked by a required denialist consensus, a biased historical narrative, and a sacred nationalism. »


• Etienne Copeaux | Historian researcher and specialist of the Turkish world, particularly nationalism in Turkey. Website : Author of « Espaces et temps de la nation turque. Analyse d’une historiographie nationaliste » (CNRS Éditions), « Une vision turque du monde, à travers les cartes » (CNRS Éditions), Co-author of « Taksim! Chypre divisée » (Éditions Aedelsa).

• Hamit Bozarslan | Doctor in History (EHESS, 1992) and Political Science (IEP, 1994). His current research focuses on the historical and political sociology of the Middle East. Author of « Histoire de la Turquie contemporaine « (La Découverte), « La question kurde : États et minorités au Moyen-Orient » (Presses de Sciences-Po), « Le problème kurde » (La Documentation française), Co-author of « La Société irakienne : Communautés, pouvoirs et violences » (Karthala). (France)

Daniel FleuryJournalist and editor for Kedistan (France)

• Turkey : Testimonials of the present
Saturday 22 September 2018 • 4.30 PM – 5.30 PM

Exchange with Faysal Sarıyıldız, direct witness of the abuses committed by the Turkish State in Kurdish cities in 2015, described in numerous works by Zehra Doğan.

Faysal Sarıyıldız | Member of the HDP for the city of Şırnak. Revoked in July 2017, currently in exile in Germany.
Aram Tastekin | Theatre actor, Zehra’s friend.


• Being LGBTIQ in Turkey and in Kurdistan
Sunday 23 September 2018 • 2 PM – 4 PM

The government in power in Turkey does not recognize the rights of LGBTIQ people. Regressions in the area of minority rights have been rapid and violent. These institutional political pressures are accompanied by violence in everyday life: physical, symbolic and economic violence that leads to murders that go unpunished, and arbitrary imprisonment. The repression affects the entire population and is fuelled by a reality of war on Kurdistan, « legitimized » by nationalist, racist, sexist and religious discourse.

Pressure has also increased following the attempted coup in July 2016, and many associations and magazines have since been closed by decree-law following the declaration of a state of emergency. Despite the pressures, activists and artists continue to intervene in public, in literature, in cinema, in the theatre, in the streets, by being themselves, by creating, through individual and collective actions. The situation of trans and homosexual prisoners is particularly important.

Zehra is equally sensitive to LGBTIQ issues and reflections, both as an artist and journalist.

Dialogues and testimonies:

Rosida Koyuncu | Journalist, director, author, LGBTIQ activist, Kurd in exile. SHe produced « Kurneqîz », the first short film on trans people in Kurdish and prepared the collection of testimonies « Voltaçark, being LGBTI in prison ». Various media and Kedistan.(Switzerland)

Kıvılcım Arat | LGBTIQ activist. Founder and member of the Association Solidarity with LGBT Istanbul, member of the « Fight against Gender Violence » team within the Foundation of Solidarity with Women (KADAV) and one of the representatives of the Democratic Women’s Movement. (Turkey)

Vincent Guillot | Intersex activist. Sociologist in intersex studies, co-founder of the OII, Organisation Intersex International Europe. (France)

LODOTI | Local de Documentation Trans et Intersexe. Local Trans and Intersexe Documentation  (Bretagne)

• Social Ecology: Communalist experiences, from Rojava to other worlds
Saturday 22 September • 5 PM – 7 PM

Social ecology is a philosophical, social and political theory of ecology developed by Northern American Murray Bookchin (1921-2006) in the 1960s.

It shows ecological problems as arising mainly from social problems, mainly in different forms of hierarchies and dominations, and seeks to solve them through the model of a society adapted to human development and the biosphere. It is a theory of political ecology based on communalism that opposes the current mode of production and consumption. It aims at the establishment of a moral society, decentralized, solidary, guided by reason.

The Rojava is currently a laboratory for this, since this entity in Northern Syria claims to be part of this movement.

This round table is offered by social ecology activists.


Eleanor Finley | Writer, teacher, activist and municipalist. She is also board member at the Institute for Social Ecology (ISE) and a PhD student in anthropology the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. (USA)

Floreal Romero | Co-author of the book « Murray Bookchin et l’écologie sociale » with Vincent Gerber. (Espagne).

Laia Vidal | Think thank for the autonomy of Catalonia. Experiences in cooperative networks and communalism in Catalonia. (Catalonia)

Camille | Resident of the ZAD de Notre-Dame-des-Landes. NddL and Chiapas experiments. (France)

Lougar Raynmarth | Social ecology activist.  Translator, author and editor fo Kedistan. (Spain/France)

• Rojava : An alternative to the nation state. A project underway
Sunday 30th September 2018 • 3 PM – 5 PM

Describing crises would be useless without describing the processes underway to get out of them.
« To talk about the institutions and ideas in Rojava (Northern Syria) is to show that they have the ambition to be the opposite of the nation-state by challenging state centralism, by recognizing all diversities, by fighting patriarchy and all forms of domination or exploitation, with the principles of territorial autonomy, equality, direct democracy, social ecology and self-management. It is also to do so with the critical distance necessary to any support for an emancipation project that concerns us all. »


Pierre Bance | Doctor of Law. Director of Éditions Droit et Société from 1985 to 2008. Author of the book « Un autre futur pour le Kurdistan ? » (France)

Yann Renoult | Independent journalist and photographer. Orient XXI, Médiapart, CQFD, Kedistan… participation in the collective work « La commune du Rojava, alternative à l’État-nation ». (France)

Raphaël Lebrujah | journalist for Roj Info & ICD member. (France)

• No better world without women
Saturday 6th October 2018 • 2 PM – 5 PM

Zehra Doğan is not just a woman by biological chance. It is also by the awareness she has of her status as a woman in the Middle East in a highly patriarchal society as well as being a Kurdish woman, denied of her culture and existence. Her social origin did the rest, and she took advantage of her « education » to engage in collective work against these multiple oppressions. She was co-founder of the first women-only news agency (JINHA). She devoted a lot of time to making Daech’s ignominy against Yezidi women known. Women occupy a very large place in her pictorial works.

A presentation of the conditions of women in Turkey, the rise in violence against women, the place of women in the regime of Erdoğan is essential. A description of women’s resistance, including the place of Kurdish women in this struggle, is also needed. Why are their proposals universal?

This round table is offered by Jin TV and will be broadcast live or deferred.


• A journalist of the Jin News agency (Turkey)

• An editor and member of the editorial board of « Jineoloji Dergisi » magazine (Turkey)

Güler Yıldız | Journaliste, TV, radio and print. (France)

• Migrants : Items for bargaining
Sunday 7 October 2018 • 3 PM -5 PM

For months now, the EU has been rustling in its discussions about the corridor of migrant shipwrecks, as if we were talking about getting rid of objects.

Each European government probes, not the sea, but its own public opinion, to know whether drowning in the open sea is the right solution. In the ignominy market, the migrant now sells for more than the Greek in Brussels and Strasbourg.

And while everyone probes the reactions of their extreme right-wing national xenophobe, and draws arguments around a European table, lives are paused.

The debate is raging on all television sets throughout Europe.

And the miracle solution to the world’s misery would fit behind « walls » and in « closed sorting centres ».

Zehra Doğan drew cohorts of war refugees in 2015…

Speakers :

Mehdi Lallaoui | Film director, author. (France)

SOS Méditerranée | European, maritime-humanitarian organisation for the rescue of life in the Mediterranean Sea. (France)
(Waiting for confirmation)

Camille | Self-managed Refuge « Chez Jesus » (Italy)

Les utopistes en action | Association (Morlaix, France)

• Journalism differently
13th October 2018 • 3 PM – 6 PM

They practice what could be described as alternative journalism. Much information about the Middle East comes to us through their journeys, often motivated by their desire to understand the jolts and wars of this region, or by other more personal motivations, linked to the shock caused by the barbarism of Daech and the need to find positive outcomes on the spot for another future. A journalism that does not hide its commitment, but far from both ideologies and the politically correct. The journalism that Zehra practices, from the top of her 28 years, at the sides of the Yezidi women or during the months of seat of the Kurdish cities, that she lived from the inside for a long time and that got her these accusations of « terrorism ». Kedistan magazine works permanently with these journalists, with or without cards…


Ceren Karlıdağ | Independent journalist, former editor of the JINHA agency. (Turkey)

Güler Yıldız | Journaliste, TV, radio and print. (France)

Refik Tekin | Kurdish photo reporter in exile today, friend and travelling companion of Zehra Doğan, notably during their report on the massacre of Yezidi women, which got him the Metin Göktepe Journalism Prize in 2015. (Germany)

Chris T | Independent journalist and photographer. Various medias and Kedistan (France)

Yann Renoult | Independent journalist and photographer. Orient XXI, Médiapart, CQFD, Kedistan… participation in the collective work « La commune du Rojava, alternative à l’État-nation ». (France)

Daniel FleuryJournalist and editor for Kedistan (France)

• Continue writing in « New Turkey »
Sunday 14th October • 2 PM – 5 PM

Cancelled – replaced by workshops

The Other Worlds workshops

  • Solidarité in Morlaix : from intention to action
  • Feminine imaginary: women and communes
  • Book as a tool for emancipation
  • Bring poetry to our lives

Art and Culture
• Zehra Doğan : Art at the heart of History
Sunday 21th October 2018 • 2 PM – 5 PM

Zehra Doğan is a graduate of Fine Arts and did not go to a journalism school. Yet it was with three reports on Yezidi women that she won a prestigious journalism prize, the Metin Göktepe. It was also her desire to « go out », as she said at the time of this distinction, that made her co-founder of a women’s news agency. And it is also drawing that has taken over from the pen and the camera, when words are no longer enough to describe the unspeakable.

And Zehra has been excelling since then, both on her digital tablet, by a drawing which will lead her in prison, as with few means, canvas, newsprint, and even found paper.

She is in line with the present, testifying it in urgency, even with this lack of means. It is each time an act of resistance… a will of transmission. She archives a reality past under silence, the daily life of exactions and oppression, as much as that of women, deeply inscribed in her approach. But her paintings, her works on paper, go well beyond « journalist’s drawings ». Zehra builds a pictorial work in its own right, step by step, with and under the conditions that are made to him. The artist is present at all stages of her resistance.

His work affectively reaches the public whether they are art lovers or not. The force of his expression acts as a slap that awakens, and bluntly opens eyes to truths. Visitors question, inform themselves, discover, understand, and do not leave the exhibition unharmed.

Zehra also stresses: « History is written by dominants, therefore it is erroneous, distorted, missing. For example, in History written by men, patriarchy made the woman disappear from History. For Art, it is the same, it is absolutely necessary that we reappropriate it… »

Can Zehra be classified in contemporary art? Yes, because she’s at the heart of present history. No, because she does not use commercial codes, she draws permanently from her roots which make her present, she is not « out of culture », nor a universal globalist. So, unclassifiable, Zehra?


Gianluca Costantini | Italian activist artist and graphic designer journalist. « Histoire de résistance ». His website was censored by Erdoğan since three years ago) (Italie)

Niştiman Erdede | Activist artist, Kurdish political refugee. (Switzerland)

Engin Sustam | Researcher in social sciences and specialist in Kurdish territory. Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts in Istanbul and EHESS. Associate Researcher at IFEA Istanbul. Author of « Kurdish Art and Subalternity between Violence and Resistance ». (France)

• Table under construction. Other guests awaiting confirmation.

Mathieu Ducoudray | Director of Livres et lecture en Bretagne.


PEN-Club, Le Roudour, La Salamandre, Le Dibar, Le Café théodore, MJC Morlaix, traon Nevez, Ephad Lanmeur, Restaurant Le Jardin Partagé, Ville de Plourin-lès-Morlaix, Ville de Saint Martin des Champs, Librairie Dialogues – Morlaix, Atelier Lucie Lom, Les utopistes en action – Morlaix, Festival de cinéma de Douarnenez, Rhizomes & Bretagne et Diversité, ACORt, Conseil Démocratique Kurde de Rennes (CDK-R), Amitiés Kurdes de Bretagne (AKB), Rennes, Représentation du Rojava en France, Initiative pour un Confédéralisme Démocratique (ICD), Éditions Belleville, Éditions turquoise, Jin tV, Roj Info, École de Saint Martin des Champs, École Diwan Morlaix, Lycée Suscinio, Association d’étudiantEs de l’IUt de Morlaix (Arzou), Cuisine éthique, Da Bep Lec’h, Les Rallumeurs d’étoiles…
and other partnerships, under construction.



Festival des Autres Mondes
Başka dünyalar Festivali
Zehra Doğan Çevresinde…
21 eylül | 21 ekim 2018

Önemli : Çalışmalar devam etmekte ve programın güncellemeleri bu sayfaya günü gününe aktarılmaktadır. Lütfen basın yazılarını yayınlamadan önce güncellemeleri gözden geçiriniz.